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Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.

Life By Famous

I grew up watching my dad make a couple of extra bucks using his big VHS camera; he would film at weddings, parties and so on. It fascinated me; I always wanted to use it. Eventually my dad upgrade to a smaller 8mm camera. Which I would take to school and film pranks with my friends. I even tried to get us on our own TV show on the public access channel. Now thinking about it, I wouldn’t even know what I would have done if I had the 100 bucks to pay for the fee.

I learned editing from home. Back then we couldn’t afford a fast computer to edit my videos. So I would use two VCRs. One to record my final draft and the other one that had the footage I wanted. I would fast forward, get to the clip I wanted and then press record on the other VCR to transfer it. I remember my brother doing the typography on pieces of paper; he has always been a good artist. It worked, low budget and everything, but for a 15 year old kid with no real resource, I was editing pretty good.

Eventually I started making my computer faster, by then I was making music videos with my friends. We had our own band, my friend J was the rapper, my brother Kast the beat maker and I was the recording engineer. We went off to doing our own music videos. Eventually with the rise of youtube other artists saw what we were doing and hired us to film their music videos. We always pushed our ideas of making them like little movies. We would sit down and write the story lines, story boarding and off to shooting. We never had a big budget larger than 300 bucks to make something happened. So we improvised.

We would grow to become very savvy in guerrilla filming, the run and gun style. I have done some many videos; it has never really been so much about the money, but more of getting a vision in your head and making it come to life. I am very passionate about filming, directing and photography. Anything having to do with visual arts, and making something that people can enjoy is what moves me.

I am famous8 of Kast&Fame and I am an inspiring filmmaker and professional photographer.